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🥇 Invention médaillée au Lépine

✔️ Pratique, ergonomique et plein d'autres mots en ique...

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"An award-winning invention at the Lépine competition, I understand why – it's truly innovative and allows me to read my books more comfortably."
"The green Lizia is so cute, and it's made in France, assembled by workers with disabilities. Well done to the creators!"
“This little accessory is great for reading at the beach, I can finally hold my book with one hand without the pages flying around.”
“I use it every day on the metro to go to work. It's great – I can read and hold onto the bar in the metro at the same time."
"Now, my wife can read without disturbing me with her bedside lamp when I want to sleep. Thanks to this little object that avoids many *******"

Made in France


Assembled by ESAT

Recycled materials

Recycled materials

Lépine Competition

Lépine medal winner


Internationally patented


Created by 2 students

Hold with one hand

Ergonomic design suitable for all thumb types.

Read with ease and without fatigue, even with just one hand.

Gain flexibility for comfortable reading wherever you are, without any extra effort.


Subtle and warm LED light.

Read comfortably in the dark without disturbing anyone.

Enjoy a peaceful and constraint-free night reading for uninterrupted sleep.


Slim and lightweight design with a built-in bookmark function.

Improve your reading comfort while simplifying storage.

Enjoy clutter-free reading and easily find your page every time.

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Where are your products manufactured?

Lizia makes a point of designing and manufacturing her products in France. The nylon parts are manufactured in Vendée, then transported to Brittany, to Rennes, to be assembled with the electronic part. The packaging is also made in Brittany from recycled cardboard.

Where do you ship?

We deliver Lizia throughout Europe. Different delivery costs may apply outside mainland France

How does the lighting work?

You can use Lizia with or without lighting. To turn it on, nothing could be simpler! Simply slide the part holding your thumb into the middle of the wand. Our ingenious magnetic field system will trigger the ignition!

What type of book is Lizia suitable for?

Lizia is suitable for the vast majority of books: all paperback books, ranging from pocket format to large format books. This covers all novels, practical and lifestyle books and manga! Lizia's flexibility ensures that the cover is not damaged when placed on an open book.

Is it possible to return a Lizia?

A problem ? A suggestion ? Send us a message via our contact form.