Our history

June 2018: Cédric has the idea for Lizia

Cédric, who sleeps on his side and struggles to hold his book properly, comes up with the idea for Lizia. To solve his problem, he designs and prints a small object using a 3D printer. The first version of Lizia is born.

May 2020: Lucas joins Cédric’s project

Lucas, a passionate reader and advocate for paper, joins the project. Together, they develop over 200 prototypes to find the best version of Lizia.

July 2021: Lizia brand is registered

Lizia becomes a registered trademark. The project is gaining momentum, and serious steps are being taken.

December 2021: Lizia wins its first competition

Lizia wins its first competition and secures funding to further develop the project. The prototype is now complete. Two months later, a patent is filed to protect the invention.

May 2022: Lizia’s Ulule campaign

Capitalizing on Lizia's success among their circle, Cédric and Lucas decide to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule. The success is immediate: more than 3800 pre-sales are made in just a few weeks.

November 2023: Lizia team at the Made in France exhibition

The Lizia team is present at the Made In France exhibition for its first direct sale. It was an opportunity for the team to introduce themselves and let people try their excellent product, which convinced over 500 people in just 4 days. "It was our first exhibition but certainly not the last!" declares Cédric.